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Who is Donnell Alexander?


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    A lot of people will tell you that Donnell Alexander is a card-carrying ghetto celebrity. Ask Donnell himself, however, and the divorced father of two will insist he’s just trying to pull next month's rent from his ass crack.

    To slightly alter a note the 37-year-old writer once emailed that cat Kevin Powell: He shed the husk of Sandusky, Ohio, to become the greatest junior college success story this side of Latrell Sprewell. Dude cut his writing molars in the 1990s West Coast alternative press, appearing in the major California newsweeklies, as well as various hip-hop journals. To sate his interest in all facets of popular culture, Alexander even briefly wrote for ESPN The Magazine, (which was nightmarish.) He publishes because he’s from the same terrain as most Americans and his journalism, at its best, transcends the media noise that insists humanity ain’t about shit.

    But bios are BS, stylized lies of omission. This we all know. The author of Ghetto Celebrity believes that even his hackeyest journalism provide more solid insight into his concerns.

    Alexander plans to continue performing as a writer.
    He also wishes to eventually edit, produce, direct, conduct and coach.

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