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Taboo Media is a one-stop business with extensive professional experience in both print and web publishing, as well as all aspects of major event production. Delivering specific expertise in original photography and effective copywriting, Taboo Media is uniquely poised to provide complete service with attention to you and your projects' unique individual needs.
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Taboo Media has a simple approach that consistently produces strong results. Every project is a conversation between you and your target audience. We work with you to help anticipate their needs and craft the product accordingly. We emphasize clarity over gimmicks. We entertain and inform. And we do it all in your original voice.

Brad Dosland
owner of Taboo Media

With over 20 years of experience
in professional publishing and producing,
Brad Dosland has held the title of Art Director and Editor-in-Chief at major national newsstand magazines and websites.
He served as Editorial Director for an international group of web properties and was Director of Content for a pioneering streaming media start-up in Silicon Valley.
Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Brad enjoys working hands-on with creative people to help them realize their goals and vision.

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Brad has produced and co-produced major events, including Unmata's annual Blood Moon Regale, the national Spark Tour (featuring Urban Tribal and Ultra Gypsy), the San Francisco Mecca Revue, darkarnival event Sigil, the Tribal Throwdown festival, the uniquely Unmata Rodeo, all 4 years of Undulation shows, the Nouveau Nights series of shows, and the long-running Kosmos music and dance camp. Brad produced the bellydance epic Medusa & Machine movie documentary for Ultra Gypsy (and still holds out hope for its eventual release from legal limbo). He is a judge for the Breakthrough Fusion Dance Competition. Brad has worked with artists including Rachel Brice, Ansuya, Heather Stants, Amy Sigil, Zoe Jakes, Ariellah, Kami Liddle, Aubre, Jill Parker, Susan Frankovich, Liz Strong, Lapsus, Cera Byer & Damage Control and more on original photography and design, but most people know his work photographing performances such as Tribal Fest, Shadowdance, Tribal Massive, Fire Arts Festival, Las Vegas Bellydance Intensive, Sea of Dreams, Eve's Elixir, Renaissance Pleasure Fair, Maker's Faire, and countless sets at afterparties and more intimate venues.

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